Take one of your spot drawings, perhaps the simplest one, and practice different methods of drawing in ink. Based on our in-class inking practice I want you to try at least 5 styles for one spot. See samples from the class below.

Try different approaches. Here are some examples or ideas you can try.

  1. Contour line drawing with a felt tip pen (micron/staedlater) in a size of your choice
  2. Line drawing with value (cross-hatching, stippling, short/long lines) and drawing pen
  3. Brush pen
  4. Line drawing with a brush such as a 0 or 1
  5. Line drawing with a brush such as a 0 or 1 and a grey wash for added value or a spot color
  6. Silhouette, if it makes sense
  7. Dip pen or bamboo stick
  8. Color marker or pen
  9. In high contrast, use a pen for contour lines and fill in certain areas in black (bottom left sample).

    How else can you make marks? stencil, added pattern, thumbprint, old brushes


I suggest working larger and scaling down later.

I recommend working no smaller than 2 x 2inches. And No larger than 5×5 inches.

You will be trying out different inking materials to see which style you like. Next week in class we will take a look at the different approaches and you will then complete all the spot illustrations in this style.