Brand & Logo Introduction

Ikram Ahmad is the brand and logo for Ikram. The Logo consists of a navy blue background with the initials “IA” written in cursive. The importance of cursive font and writing is to reflect the ability to train the brain to integrate visual and tactile information. Along with the color scheme of Navy blue conveying confidence, intelligence, and stability with white font combines this logo to stand out in a business-oriented fashion. “Ikram Ahmad” is a brand that portrays focus and organization at a level such as no other. People say action speaks louder than words and in most cases they are right.

Mission Statement

Ikram Ahmad’s mission statement is to provide a quality level of organization in any objective along with finding new and creative ideas to maintain the integrity of a corporation. Whether it be a company’s inventory control, retail selling, or marketing analytics Ikram Ahmad can innovate new ideas to help a company flourish and move forward. While being a communicative team player, Ikram stays diligent and focused on his own craft until perfection is present. Here at Ikram Ahmad, we believe a successful brand happens within the heart of dedicated employers who want to maintain the company rather than just work for it. We value ourselves in the terms of Honesty, respectfulness, and genuineness to clients and employers. Ikram Ahmad’s achievement is to reshape organizations and corporations for a smoother transition into a more successful business overall.