08 | Mentor

The head designer’s name is Hovsep. Every time I am stuck ¬†or need some kind of design advice, I found myself turning to him. I learned a lot of UX from him. He pointed things out from design that can be better, and why. He explained in a way that was easy to understand and want me do better in the future.

I found his advice the most helpful. Not only did he help me with my work regarding my internship, he also helped me with advices on my personal design, such as my portfolio. Those are just some examples.

I am glad to meet him and learn from him.

07 | Must take Breaks!

My self-evaluation on my performance.

When I am working really hard in photoshop or any other things, I forget to take a break. A simple bathroom break, a simple coffee break or a simple ‘look away from the screen for two minutes.’ I tend to take a break when it’s time for lunch and then when it’s time to leave (which isn’t what you can call a break!).

I feel like it’s one of my lukewarm¬†‘flaws’, if you can call it that. Breaks are important for mind and body, I know that but I do not act upon it. ¬†I just don’t stop working. Which sounds good, but it’s not because I emotional become kind of frustrated with my work and make more mistakes than I should have.

I found out that studies have shown that your brain activity increases when our minds wander.  Which is especially important for creative and innovative people.  There were studies that even prove this!

The brain scan above shows that there are more activity in your brain if you let your mind wander, also known as taking a break!

I noticed that when I take small breaks, I become a bit more happier, and at ease. I feel less stressed out as well!

Must take more of those mini breaks!

06 | The Project

I didn’t really have multiple projects, my main task was to help them build the website for PowerMarket and anything else they’d need for it, such as marketing materials. In week one, all I did was research the competitors and the vision they had for PowerMarket. To be honest, they didn’t even have a name for until week six (PowerMarket). There was a lot of meetings and talking back and forth for feedback on layouts. It also helped a lot having a senior designer help me.

I feel like the communication between my supervisor and I was great. They gave the copy when I asked for it, if I didn’t understand something – they’d clarify it for me.


05 | Typical Day

Since the beginning, I have been swimming though various websites. This is because I have to learn about community solar and what other competitors. This was the first step to learning and understanding because I had to create a brand new website based on community solar.

Second thing I learned is how to create a website in UX point of view much better. I had some knowledge before, but practicing on site helped me so much! I could see my rights as well as my wrongs!

So ¬†basically, a typical day at my internships would be working on the website (index page for example), and creating a few versions of it. Then we all would have a meeting and brain see what would work and what won’t, what needs to be taken out or what could be done better. Getting those feedback helps a lot, and I put them into my next version of the index until we come to a hold and agree that it is done!

04 | Work Culture

The company culture is laid back, friendly and easy going. It¬†consists of other start-up companies in an open space work environment. The dress code from I noticed was business casual but also casual (people wore hoodies, jeans and t-shirt). I tried to wear business casual but sometimes I do wear a tank top and a cotton skirt. I noticed that on Fridays, there were less people – this is because people tend work home a lot. There’s a kitchen where you can get snacks or fruits! Sometimes the office (called Urban Future Labs) holds events and out goings for the people! Overall, the only thing that really bothers me about my work place is the A/C. The A/C makes it 55 F degrees in there to the point a lot of people have to bring hoodies or take mini breaks to go outside to get some sunshine!

03 | The Interview

It was all thanks to BTTIP!

I had info. sessions with the BTTIP program. I applied on the BTTIP program website to several companies, whichever one I liked. I had to wait for the companies to invite me for interviews after reviewing my application! In additions, I had to pick the time for my interview. Basically the day of the interview, there were 50+ companies in one big area. I had speed interviews with 7 different companies. Some of the questions I asked them was what kind of work will I do if I were to work for their company and some of the question they asked me was to tell them about myself (I believe I answered this with ease). I then had to choose the companies I wanted (top 5) while the company did the same, and I was happy to say that I had a match with a company that also wanted me!

02 | Where I Work


I work at ProjectEconomics, located at 15 MetroTech Center, 19th floor Brooklyn, NY 11201. They are a private company with a team of four.  The company was born in May 2014, they provide clean energy to consumers, such as solar, wind and hydro etc. I work as an UX & design intern. My task is to create a website that targets middle class families for clean energy called PowerMarket.

These are the recent articles I found about ProjectEconomics!

  1. Article one¬†talks about how ProjectEconomics was an award of $150,000! The award will be used to expand the company’s community solar project. The award was given by¬†Department of Energy’s (DoE) Small Business Innovation Research. Eric (CEO), is super excited to use the award and bring clean energy to hundreds of home.
  2. Article two talks about ProjectEconomics partnering up with¬†Sustainable Westchester.¬†Using ProjectEconomics’ software platform, Westchester Power will provide 120,000 people with affordably sourced electricity supply!

01 | Hi there! I’m Tuly!



Hi there! My full name is Ishrat Jahan, but I go by the name of Tuly. Tuly means paintbrush in Bengali. Ironically, I choose a career in Art, which fits me perfectly.

I live in Brooklyn, NY. I love to ride bikes, play badminton, and trying different restaurants. In the future, I wish be a UX designer or an art director.  Design became a passion of mine when I was Ten years old. I had a big surgery and they had art as therapy. From then on, I always enjoyed art, and thought myself the adobe programs and CSS & HTML.

Design what I am, and design is what I do.


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