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My name is Ishaat Hossain. I’m currently a Communication Design major at the City College of Technology. I spent my first year of college at City Tech and then transferred to Pace University. After two semesters at Pace, I took a few semesters off for professional development. In that time I became an independent Art Dealer & Director of Marketing at a contemporary art gallery located in TriBeCa, New York. After procrastinating university for far too long, I decided to come back to City Tech to finally finish my degree.

Starting as a sales and marketing major I was pointed toward the communications. I have a broad range of interests and felt that a major in communications would benefit me more. Soon after I made my way into the art industry. As a director of One Art Space Gallery, I worked with artists and clients to promote their artwork and upcoming exhibitions, strategized creative marketing campaigns to reach our target demographic, focused on finding talents to exhibit as well as selling artwork at exhibitions to individuals and institutions. Art galleries are just small marketing agencies focusing on art. There are countless parallels from finding clients to creating print and digital content.

Although I may have practical knowledge regarding marketing, design, and communication, I’m looking forward to learning more about the formal foundations of communication and design.

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