COMD 4900 Spring 2020: Working On A Film Poster

Brother Outsider Poster

After talking with my Professor, I was concerned that I would not be able to meet my required hours for the course. In order for me to get credits for the class, I will have to acquire 120 hours by May 1. At the rate I am doing hours, I am not sure if that will be possible. I have to discuss with my supervisor, to see if there is anything else I can do to fulfill my hours.

This week, I am working on another poster. I forgot to mention in my previous posts, that I am working on advertising on social media as well. For the social media advertisements, I simply have to format the design I already made, into a square format for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It is useful to see how these designs work on different social media channels – but it also makes me wonder how the center can work on possibly branding themselves, so that everything looks a lot more consistent and streamlined.

Of course the designs are good now, but I know everything will look a lot better if certain fonts and colors are kept consistent. That’s a possibility I can discuss with my supervisor later.

The next design I am working on is one for a screening event. The center is working with multiple other resource centers and clubs on campus to host a screening of “Brother Outsider”. I researched about the film and decided that I would take a different approach than I usually have been.

I decided to take a photo of the main character, edit it in Photoshop and use a Duotone color. I then took some bold, san serif font to contrast against the photo. I made sure to look at a color wheel to make sure all the colors really coordinated well.

COMD4900 Spring 2020: Brainstorming Concepts

1 How To Be A Transgender Ally Poster

How To Be A Transgender Ally Social Media

It is the third week of my internship, and I have really been enjoying it so far. I really enjoy being able to have so much creative freedom. I get to come up with my own concepts and designs, and the people I work with seem to really appreciate my creativity.

I realize I am lucky because not a lot of internships are like this. But, it is also good to recognize that this is not always going to be the case. I enjoy working in an environment like this where creativity can run free – now I know what to look for in a work environment.

So far, it has been the same type of work. The first week was different because I was designing actual giveaway items – the brochure. But now, I am focusing mostly on designing for events that will be hosted on campus. The next event I am working on is called “How To Be A Transgender Ally”. It is a panel that focuses on how we can better be allies to transgender people, and what this means in today’s day and age. I appreciate that they host events like this, because it is really useful to folks like me who do not know how to navigate things like this.

I ran into an issue when creating these posters though, there was an INSANE amount of copy that I had to put on the poster. I was pretty stressed about it at first, because I did not know how I would manage to make the poster look good and eye catching, while simultaneously putting two paragraphs of copy on it.

I experimented with multiple different layouts, and looked at other designs for inspiration. I went on Google Fonts, and found two primary fonts I wanted to work with, and then from there, I experimented with layouts in Illustrator.

Eventually, I ended up coming up with a design that was not the best design I have ever done, but – it serves its purpose. That is another thing that is hard as a designer, when you know that there is no way of getting around it, and you have to put the design out there anyway. However, I made three different versions of it, so that my supervisor could pick whichever one they wanted. It was a challenging project, but I got it done.

COMD 4900 Spring 2020: Valentine’s Potluck Poster

It is my second week of working at the internship. Although I notice that it is definitely a more casual setting, I make sure that I dress business – casual, to look the part. This week, I have worked remotely and also worked in the office.

My supervisor really enjoyed the way the brochures came out – but they had to change some things about the formatting, and once it was printed out, it did not look as good as it did when I initially made it. This really shows me why it essential to have design editors, who know about design, and what looks good!

After the brochure, my next assignment was to work on an event poster. The event was for a Valentine’s Potluck. I had started to brainstorm ideas and sketch thumbnails at home, so when I came to the office, I would already have ideas in mind, so I could focus more on making the design look good, then actually brainstorming while I was there.

I realized that this is pretty essential when you are working in design. Your clients give you a deadline, so if it takes you a while to come up with ideas, it is good to brainstorm at home when you have some free time. You don’t want to just be sitting in front of a computer, without an idea. If that is the case, you are wasting your own time, and your client’s time. And that is something that they do not take lightly (for the most part). After all, they are paying you!

Even though this internship is unpaid, I still keep that in mind. I know that what is invaluable, is to connect and network. I want my supervisors and colleagues to know that I am dependable, and they can depend on me to get it done.

For the Valentine’s Potluck poster, I decided to take inspiration from candy hearts. You know how they all say something on them like “Cutie” “I love you” “You’re the best” … well I decided instead to make candy hearts on Illustrator, and they say the event information instead. I made a candy heart pattern as well, to use for a background. My supervisor appreciated how creative it was – they loved it.

COMD4900 Spring 2020: Working On An Event Brochure

LGBTQ Resource Center Event Brochure

Today was my first day of working my internship. I always have envisioned working an internship, so now I am so excited to have started one. I have to admit – the whole “finding an internship” process was very hard and stressful. I did not realize that for many internships I had to apply months in advance. I was so last minute, and because of this, I was getting a lot of rejections. But, my former colleague connected me with a Resource Center that works to provide resources to LGBTQ college students. This really aligns with my values so I was definitely down to intern here.

I showed them my portfolio, and they gave me the internship right there. Although it is unpaid, I don’t mind – it is the experience that is very valuable, and I’m happy to have another thing to add to my resume.

My first day at the internship was pretty calm. I got to meet all of the people that work there. They let me work by myself in an office, I was given the assignment to start working on a brochure for their events. The brochure was to be given out at their next event, and also kept in their office.

They gave me all of the copy I needed to put in the brochure, as well as their logo. However, I had the creative liberty of being able to choose my own fonts and colorways.

I decided that I wanted to have a rainbow accent that would be repeated throughout the design – it provided a really nice contrast with the black text that I used. Although I want it to be eye catching and creative, I also want it to be practical – it is a brochure after all.

I was able to complete the rest of the brochure from home. They gave me information for the first event that I will advertise. I am working about 10 -15 hours per week, one day in person, and the rest remotely. So far, I really like this balance, and I enjoy having the choice to be able to work on my own, and listen to podcasts to keep me entertained. Looking forward to my second week.