Ethics Assignment: Entry 1

When I first started my internship on January 30 2020, I was given the logos that I would be using throughout my time there. The first one was the LGBTQ Resource Center’s logo, which is a rainbow clock tower. That logo was created by a student at Brooklyn College. I was also given another logo, which was for the LGBTA. I used both of these logos throughout my time at the internship, and I placed them on social media postings as well as posters. These logos are the property of the LGBTQ Resource Center and the LGBTA, so of course, I was able to use them without crediting anybody.

As for handling the sources of images, I made sure to only use images found on stock photo websites. I did this because I know these images are there for the general public to use. The website I used in particular was called I enjoy this website because they give a large selection of aesthetically pleasing websites for all of your design concerns. Once I downloaded the image, the website tells me who the photographer is who took the photo. They ask that they get credit for the photo. However, I did not pay mind to this, which I now realize is a mistake. I did not do the ethics assignment and read the AIGA guide prior to this – so I did not think  much in term of giving credit for their work. And I also thought to myself, “Why do I have to give credit if it is free?”. But that is problematic in itself, and since the artist is giving their art, which they worked hard on, it is important that the least we can do is credit them.

However, thinking back on it, I am not sure how I would have been able to credit them. Would the LGBTQ Resource Center have been posting the artist on their Facebook and other social media pages to credit them? That is what I am wondering now, and a conversation I would have to have with them.

As for non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements, I did not have to sign any of those.