COMD 4900: Working On Templates

This is my second to last week working at my internship. I negotiated with my supervisor prior about making templates for future events. I have been working on these templates this week. Working an internship remotely has been an interesting experience. Since I am no longer in the office, it doesn’t feel like an internship anymore. I have to figure out on my own how to allocate my time at home to completing internship hours. It is teaching me more about time management. My supervisor and I decide on deadlines for posters, and I decide how to fulfill that on my own time.

This week I have not done much different. I just continued to work on making templates for future events. I packaged each of these designs individually, so that my supervisor can easily edit them – including the photos and the fonts I intended to use. I also sent them an email detailing how to use a packaged file.