Art History 3311 Essay #5

Ivan Cabrera

Prof. Trofimova 



     Chapter 12 from the textbook talks about this movement that dealt with Art Noveau. Mainly focuses on its origin, then went on to talk about people who’ve contributed to the movement as well. This chapter brought up a few important people that stood out a lot from the chapter. For example, one of those people that were brought up was Frank Lloyd Wright. 

     People that were a part of the movement were either illustrators, painters, architects & etc. and they were captivated with the movement, giving them a way to express themselves in a way that allows them to grow their creative skills and display their talent in a new different way. 

    The Art noveau movement originated in France but later increased in popularity and reached different parts of Europe such as Austria and Germany. Both of which were heavily influenced and participated in the art style itself. 

    Frank Lloyd Wright was an American architect, one who has designed over 1,000 different structures. He believed that the structures should have been designed using harmony along with humanity. It was a philosophy he went by and claimed it as organic architecture. 

    The Glasgow school had the same idea as F.L.W. during the movement. The school allowed artists, whether male or female, who made pieces that were focused mainly towards religious ideas. The pieces of work that was made were done by using simple lines, flat coloring and many more. The school paid mind to the idea and use of curved lines that go well as a composition.