Art History 3311 Essay #4

Ivan Cabrera 


Prof. Trofimova


     In class, we talked about the industrial revolution which took place in the 18th and 19th century around 1760 – 1840 in England. Around that time, things in England started to become more advance due to the vast increase in technology. 

    It made the economy go up due to a population increase and more crops. The increase made machines do more of the work unlike using people or animals to do all the work that was given to them before the machine empire started to rise. 

   When all of this occurred, the beginning of the Victorian era had started. Around 1837, it began and developed art that shows more of an emotional meaning into it. Later on, due to how delicate each piece was when created needed to be mass produced. In a way that makes each piece interested and appealing to those who see it.  

Around then, Photography had been invented and the concept of lithography was the process of only using oil based products and stone base which is also known as stone printing in Greek. Lithography was an art form used for mass production with transferring a drawing from stone to paper. The use of chromatography was effective which helped develop plates of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & black or what we know as today CMYK. Nowadays, the use of CMYK is mainly when people print documents or papers in general.