Art History 3311 Essay #2

Ivan Cabrera
Prof. Trofimova

In the second class we had in Art History, we learned more interesting stuff. This time, it takes place in Mesopotamia. For example, Mesopotamia’s visual communications and advancements. It led to the birth of the alphabet in Phoenicia & the Greco-Roman world.
We then learn that Egyptians based their hieroglyphics on the way  how a word sounds and would represent it in a drawing. They were visual symbols that were made to signify syllables and words. The alphabet made sense to those of the ancient civilizations. There’s different types of writing and alphabets such as the Phoenician alphabet, the Greek alphabet, and the Roman alphabet.
The Phoenician alphabet was one of the alphabets that more easy to use compared to all the others. Later on, it was changed to have vowels in it due to not having any. As for the romans, they used it as well thus making the Latin language the language they use.
This session caught my interested, never knew much more in depth of topic. Really does make you think though about how all came to be.