Swiss-style Poster/ Thoughts on Project 4

This project has been real interesting. It has taught me how to truly appreciate colors. Before we started, I thought that there was only one color, and I could rarely tell the difference between different levels of saturation. While painting the muted colors, I learned how even a little amount of white, or a little amount of a color’s compliment can drastically change the color’s hue. I feel that in this project that if I could have planned out the arrangement of the elements in the paintings, which would have helped the colors shine better. Planning would of also helped me ensure that I had enough of each color to paint everything I needed. All in all, I feel that this Swiss-style poster culminates the ideas and techniques we learned in this project.

Silent Rain

Silent Rain

Total Work Hours: 10-12 hours


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2 Responses to Swiss-style Poster/ Thoughts on Project 4

  1. I like your colors it looks nice i think you should have darken the middle color thou

  2. Nice colors. and the center of the circles look like lips.


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