Museum Trip choice- Italian Futurism

This exhibit catches my attention do to it’s relation to both this course, and to my major classes. Although no actual buildings came form it, the conceptual designs have fueled architecture, and art for many many years. As we go through the exhibit, we will be able to see how these pioneers helped shape the later part of the century, such as Gaudi, and Filippo Marinetti. To discover it’s origins and foundations, help add to the beauty of this exhibit. The Guggenheim Museum’s architecture lends itself to the display of this multidisciplinary idiom. Taking its cue from the Futurists’ concept of the “total work of art” (an ensemble that surrounds the viewer in a completely Futurist environment) and their aim to achieve a “reconstruction of the universe,” the presentation integrates works in multiple mediums on all levels of the rotunda. This unique features all contribute to the enhancement of this exhibit.

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