AFR2402ID The Heritage of Imperialism, Evangelista
short-form-change-ID-format-for-an-existing-course-or-new-section :: evaluation, Hillstrom

SBS2000ID, Research Methods for the Behavioral and Social Sciences, Sedaitis
Application for Interdisciplinary Course Designation  :: syllabus, ID SLOs and assessment :: 5 faculty guest lecturers :: evaluation, Halleck

HIS3402ID Topics in Modern World History, McMillan
application :: syllabus :: Interdisciplinary Learning Outcomes :: General Education Learning Outcomes and Fulfillment :: guest lecturer, Smith :: guest lecturer, Pitts :: guest lecturer, Sodeinde :: evaluation, Halleck

PHIL2202 Symbolic Logic, Park
application :: Course Outline :: evaluation framework :: guest lecturers (Reitz, Mendoza, Koca, Cabo) :: review, Halleck

COM2403ID Health Communication, Lee
application :: interdisciplinary rubric :: syllabus :: Eval A.Matthews 02-12-2019 :: Health Com ID Emails

ARCH 2205ID/LIB 2205ID Learning Places: Understanding the City, Phillip and Almond
Application-for-Interdisciplinary-Course-Designation Phillip_Almond_updated :: Course Outline updated :: updated Evaluation-Swift :: letter of support, HMGT :: letter of support, Social Sciences

ESCI 2000ID Energy Resources, Zylstra and Mincyte
Application for ID designation :: Syllabus :: halleck_review

PHYS 1010ID Science in the Kitchen, Karthikeyan and Walljasper
Application-for-Interdisciplinary-Course-Designation :: Syllabus :: science in kitchen eval 2018-1

SOC2401 Society, Technology and Self, Mincyte
Application for ID designation :: Syllabus Smith:: Syllabus Mincyte :: Parides, guest lecturer :: Kao, guest lecturer :: Evaluation of SOC 2401-interdisciplinary course