SBS 2000ID: Research Methods in the Social and Behavioral Sciences, Hillstrom
(recommended section, 3/15/18) 
Application-for-Interdisciplinary-Course-Designation :: Syllabus :: Guest lecturer, BayazOzturk :: Guest lecturer, Berger

LIB/ARCH 2205 Learning Places: Understanding the City, (recommended section), Almeida and Swift
(recommended section, 3/15/18)
Application-for-Interdisciplinary-Course-Designation: :: Student Evaluation :: Syllabus :: Evaluation, Halleck :: Evaluation, Boisvert

PHYS 3600ID: Machine Learning for Physics and Astronomy, Acquaviva
(recommended section, change in format, 3/15/18) 
Change of Interdisciplinary Format Form for an Existing Course (or designated section of an existing ID course) :: Syllabus :: Guest lecturer, Lawler :: Guest lecturer, Iyer :: Guest lecturer, Satyanarayan :: Guest lecturer, Kostadinov  :: Review, MacDonald

SOC 2380 Sociology of Education, (recommended section), Sedaitis
(recommended section, 2/15/18) 
Application for Interdisciplinary Course Designation :: Course Outline w Guest Lecture Topics:: Guest lecturer, Pa Her :: Guest lecturer, Susan Caprio :: Evaluation, MacDonald :: Evaluation, Lansiquot :: Department Meeting Minutes October 5_2017:: Evaluative framework

PHYS 2443 Modern Physics, Berman, Kezerashvili, Krym, and Ossola
(recommended section, 2/15/18) 
Application-for-Interdisciplinary-Course-Designation :: Syllabus :: letter of support, Kezerashvili, Physics  :: guest lecture, Tsiklauri ::  guest lecture, Xiangdong Li :: guest lecture, Martinez :: guest lecture, Kyle Cuordileone :: guest lecture, Marianna Bonanome :: guest lecture, David Kagan :: guest lecture, Berger :: Review_PHYS2443, Cabo :: Review_PHYS2443, Halleck :: Clarifications and Answers to Questions2 

ENG 1710 Introduction to Language and Technology, Lansiquot and Cunningham
(recommended section, 2/15/18) 
Application for Interdisciplinary Course Designation :: Syllabus :: Group research paper assessment rubric :: Literature review assessment rubric :: Concept map assessment rubric :: Approval, English, Bannett :: ENG1701 Review_Almond :: Review_ENG1710, Cabo

PHYS 3600 Machine Learning for Physics and Astronomy, Acquaviva and Satyanarayana
(recommended course, 11/30/17)
Application for ID Designation :: Course outline :: Review, E. Halleck :: Review, L. Karthikeyan::  chair support, PHYS3600