New Assignment (Due Jan 24)

In preparation for the next assignment, please familiarize yourselves with the tutorials available in the “H5P Tools” and “Slide and Video Tools” sections of the website.

We’d like you to do the following: 

  • On the “Slide and Video Tools” page: skim the page and look at the projects/ watch the video before “Canva Basics.”
  • On the “H5P Tools” page: skim the page and under “Tutorials: Using H5P,” watch “Getting Started.” 

This will give you a basic overview of the resources the website offers. Remember, you can make a learning object using another resource not listed, but we can only provide support on the listed resources!  

 By Jan 24, please write and post a proposal for your learning object. This should explain:

  • What small, discrete information literacy or research skill you will be teaching the students in your department. Don’t bite off too much!·
  • What medium you plan to use (slideshow, video, H5P tool)
  • Why you think that tool is best for reaching students on this topic. 

This proposal can be short and informal, as long as it hits these three points. The proposal is just a way for us to get an idea of what you’re making to see if we can be of any help. Remember that the tool is meant to be able to “travel,” meaning that eventually, we’d like this to be something that can be used outside of your personal classroom, something you can share with other professors! 

We will be scheduling office hours to discuss progress and field questions.  We’re also available by email!

Readings & responses for week 1: January 3-7

Welcome, everyone! Before the workshops on Wednesday 1/5 and Thursday 1/6, or at the very latest by the end of this week, please make time for this week’s readings and then comment on this post with a 100-200 word response to the following prompt:

Thinking about your own progress from novice to expert, describe what it was like to cross an information- or media-related threshold in your discipline, when you leveled up to having greater expertise and proficiency.