Interactive H5P Tools & Tutorials

H5P is a platform that allows you to create different kinds of interactive learning objects that can be easily embedded in OpenLab including interactive videos, documentation tools, quizzes, and more.

H5P Libraries and Content Types

Complete H5P library illustrating how these tools can be used to create interactive learning objects with accompanying documentation and examples.

Recommended content types for building interactive instructional design tools and tutorials-only accessible content types maintained by by the core H5P development team will be supported by OpenLab.

Content Types Covered in this Workshop:
  • Documentation tool – Often used for project management, this tool can be adapted to help students manage their own research assignments. This tool is great for scaffolded, self-guided activities. You can embed links, videos, and images and students can add their own content and export for later.
  • Interactive video – This tool allows you to add pop-up text, fill-in the blanks, and multiple choice questions to videos. As an add, this tool adds active learning to instructional videos. This workshop will not cover video production so participants who use this tool should be comfortable creating videos.

Once created, you can embed H5P tools into an OpenLab project or course site and link to learning objects hosted on OpenLab in Blackboard.

See a few examples of how these tools can be used to for self paced information literacy activities on the City Tech Library orientation site.

Tutorials: Using H5P

Examples in context: Engage with the documentation tool and interactive video created for this workshop and reflect on how you might use these tools in your own courses to teach students information literacy skills.

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