Journal Entry #2

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I was really worried at first because I couldn’t find an internship and time was running out. I was luck enough to get hired my Clickdaily because it’s everything I wanted in a job. I currently work as a graphic designer work on some collateral for a restaurant. I enjoy working there because in previous jobs I worked alone as the only designer but here I have the opportunity to work with other designers. My supervisor’s name is Julio and he is also a graphic designer whom I get to work with, which I can get feedback from.

This position was especially attractive to me because the position mentioned that there was a possibility for hire after the internship was over. After I got the call back I met with Julio and the company’s CEO. It was the easiest interview I ever had because they were both really laid back. We talked about some of my skills but for most of the interview we talked about random stuff like the places we wished to travel and things we like to do. It was also at the interview that I was told that I was hired which excited me because that meant the liked my portfolio. Today was only my second day and so far I am really enjoying every minute of it. This is one of the print collateral I am working on for a restaurant.VIPcard6

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