To complete tasks 6 and 7, I had to develop a newsletter in the same way that I developed a newsletter for task 4. I have to create a newsletter for March. The articles I had to design were Food Insecurity by Jasleen Bhatia and Avoiding the Pitfalls of Charity Scams by Austin Brewer. To provide me with examples of previously created newsletters, Antonio provided me with a link to, where I found previous examples of newsletters. It was my responsibility to design the article document, which he sent me via email.

Before I begin designing, it must be A4 size (220mm by 297mm), and I will provide him with the finalized design in PNG format via email at or by using the rock app. I completed these two tasks as they were the last two that I had to do. My experience of being part of the company gave me a chance to learn and express what I like best about what I do best. Antonio was a pleasure to work with. His assistance and support were always welcome. Also, Mr. Neil was an excellent supervisor. One of the things I enjoyed about this internship was that I could design it in a way that satisfied me.

Task 6:

After I sent my task for task 6, I received some feedback.

The response from Antonio was: “Thank you for all the hard work.” As for feedback, I’ll have to give it to you once I’ve returned home from work tonight.

He suggests that I insert the title, author, and opening paragraph in that order, with some space between them. Also, I wonder whether I can use a different font when I have bold text because, although being all capitalized, some letters appear to be smaller than others.


Task 7:

Antonio comment: Thank you for your work it looks fantastic.

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