Task 5 required me to design the cover page for the February 2022 newsletter. These are the titles of the articles that must be on the cover page. 

 1.*Women in the Entertainment Industry*

  1. February’s Extraordinary Women
  2. The Pandemic and Mental Health
  3. Making A Difference: Underrated Jobs

I had to add all these to the cover page. It is up to me to choose the image for the cover page; it would be best if it represented the month of February, as it is the front page that appears before the newsletters. Antonio’s remark This looks to be amazing.

In addition to being my favorite task, this was also my favorite. Not only was I pleased with the way my task looked, but Antonios liked it as well. This internship is offering me several new responsibilities, including designing the cover of a newsletter. Every task gives me tremendous motivation for being a designer.I loved this task as well as being my favorite task. I am participating in this internship and I am designing the cover for a newsletter as part of it. I find designing every task very fulfilling.

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