On February 19, Unity For Equality sponsored an event, which was excellent for the company I am interning for. I was so happy to be working for such an amazing company. After attending the event, I was excited to learn more about the company in detail. Humanity is all about being humane toward one another. It was a fantastic event where I learned about the company, its operations around the world, and its expansion plans. During the workshop, Neil Trivedi discussed these topics with participants. Its mission is to empower and integrate immigrants, middle-class people, and people of all ages. The organization has now expanded its reach to include Morocco, Liberia, Egypt, and Pakistan. By the end of 2022, 19 new countries will have been added by the end of the year, including Kuwait, the United Kingdom, Bahrain, Columbia, Brazil, Puerto Rico, California, Texas, Canada, and Africa.

They also passed a new program in 2021 to pay off student loan debt, which is one of their many successes. As Unity Equality grew from an unknown organization to one with well-known figures around the globe involved in the eradication of poverty, many well-known figures from around the world became part of the effort. The organization’s mission is to eliminate poverty by reducing unemployment, enhancing educational opportunities worldwide, etc. The organization has been working on Vision Unity 2030 for over two years. A quality of life program would include funding for arts and culture, as well as creating art galleries.
In addition to these plans, Mr. Trivedi said Unity for Equality would implement other programs. Those interested in joining Unity for Equality are encouraged to do so. As well as thanking the hospital workers, he acknowledged all the partners helping to support them and thanked all the others who were supporting their efforts.

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