Ted App

The Ted app is my favorite to use because there is always something fresh to learn from it. The videos are fantastic, with a wealth of knowledge and all of the wonderful speakers. TED Talks is an excellent resource to have in your professional life. TED Talks are typically about 20 minutes long and go right to the point. The videos can also be used to start a topic about which you can write a paper or discuss with your classmates. TED is one of the best platforms for learning new things. I adore viewing stuff at all times.

TED Conferences is an American media organization that makes speeches available for free online distribution. In February 1984, Richard Saul Wurman and Harry Marks co-founded TED as a conference, which has been held yearly since 1990. The TED app allows you to browse, download, and watch TED talks, which are recognized short videos that include thought leaders discussing subjects in technology, entertainment, design, and other fields in under 18 minutes. You can look through featured talks, search by subject, or use the “Surprise Me” tool to see a bespoke playlist of talks focusing on a specific theme. On the “My Talks” page, you can see which talks you’ve bookmarked and saved for offline listening or viewing.

The TED app provides excellent access to the TED talk library, and it’s a great way to discover talks on a variety of topics from a diverse number of speakers. The variety of topics and themes is astounding and thought-provoking, and accessibility options like subtitles are remarkably broad, with some speeches available in over 50 languages. This app provides excellent access to a large library of free content, but sharing and deeper involvement opportunities are limited, and downloading movies for offline viewing appears to be a good idea until an hour of content swallows 1 GB of device storage space.

Have a conversation with your children about it. Families can discuss the topics covered in each TED lecture. Are there any particular topics that pique your child’s interest? Have a family discussion or argument after seeing a video with your children. 

Parents may want to assist their children in using the “Surprise Me” function, which allows users to view a playlist of videos suited to a specific adjective (such as “courageous” or “inspiring”) and time range (from five to 60 minutes).

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