Journal #2

At the newspaper company I am interning at as graphic designer, there is another graphic designer who works there, however he is not full time. There is also a web designer who is responsible from creating websites as well as maintaining them. He is here full-time. My supervisor is the Editor-In-Chief of the many newspapers that they have here. She is the definition of a boss lady because she definitely holds everything down.

There is a law office as well as a chamber of commerce. So there are also lawyers, paralegals, and many people of business around here.

I heard, well more like found out, about this interning position online  on the OpenLab internship job board run by Professor Goetz. As soon a I saw it I immediately got in contact with my supervisor via email. I couldn’t let this opportunity pass me by, although I must admit I was a little skeptical as to whether or not I would hear back from her. Having already applied to so many internships before and not receiving any type of acknowledgement, I was not about to get my hopes up. Fortunately for me this time was different, she replied the same exact day, within 2 hours! From there an in-person interview was set up. As for the the interview it was fairly short, the editor-in-chief viewed some of my work and I was hired on the spot! It made my day!