Our Group

The name of our group is Divergent Minds. It consists of 5 group members, Edgar Alejandro, Brandon Castillo, Jonathan Clement, Jordin De La Rosa and I

Our proposal

  • Sirena is an underwater Exploration Puzzle fantasy game that brings to light the current pollution we do to our oceans. The story is based on a mermaid who just wants to experience what the outside world is truly like, but the closer she gets to the outside world she sees how damaged the world is.
  • culmination project proposal

My role

My role in this project is Lead Level Design. ill be in charge of designing the levels within unity and taking all of our 3D assets and incorporating it into our game to make it fit the theme and style that we are looking for.

Concept Art



Gantt chart and timeline

Gant Chart




Culmination-Meeting with Hosni Signed

Culmination Project Agreement

Culmination Reflection

Culmination Presentation

Sirena Trailer


my personal portfolio