For Sunday 5/10: MLA Citations, Feedback for Jayvon, etc.

Ok, so now that we’re reaching the end of the semester, it’s time to look at how to put the finishing touches on an academic essay—in this case, Essay 2.

Whenever you refer to another person’s ideas or words in an academic essay, you are expected to cite them, meaning you place a marker of some kind (depending on the formatting system you are using) which indicates whose ideas and/or words these are—and how the reader can locate those ideas or words (online, in a book, etc.).

There are two parts involved in this: 1. placing marks known as in-text citations in the sentences of your essay, and 2. writing source info at the end of your text in list, alphabetized by last name.  (In MLA format, this is known as your Works Cited page; other formats have other names for it.)

What I want you to do for Sunday is read this very basic, quick guide to formatting in-text citations and Works Cited pages in MLA format.  I then want to use this guide to help you form citations for your Essay 2.  Your in-text citations will go in your essay’s sentences where you refer to other writers.  Your Works Cited entries will go at the end.

I also want you to post your Works Cited entries (alphabetized by last name) to as a response to this blog post.

Lastly, I want you to post feedback for Jayvon Judge’s Essay 2.

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