For Wed 5/6: Re-Outlining Essay 2

Ok, so for Wednesday, I want to build off of what we did with Leonardo Mendez’ Essay Two draft over the weekend: I want you to work on (re-)outlining your Essay 2.  Why the “(re-)”?   I know some of you have not yet written drafts yet: for you, this may be your first outline; for those of you who have already written your Essay 2 drafts, this will be a re-outlining assignment, meaning that you will read your draft and write a list of your paragraphs in a new order.  Feel free to *add new paragraphs* to your outline (paragraphs you haven’t yet written).

For ideas as to how to go about re-outlining, please (re-)read my response to Leo’s paragraphs in his Essay 2 draft; it’s quite long and in-depth but I hope it gives you ideas for how I want you to approach thinking about (re-)paragraphing and (re-)organizing an essay.

Chat with those of you who are available on Zoom on Wednesday, 230p.

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