For Wed 4/8

Hi guys–welcome back 🙂

For Wednesday, we have some simple, but *bounteous* catch-up Essay 1 workshopping to do.  (Give yourself some TIME for this one.).

Please read and post feedback for the following writers’ Essay 1s:
Lisette Rojas
Redoanul Islam Sahat
Shanice Smith
Jeicot Suarez
Amani Wright

Remember, in the Essay 1 folder (in “Course Docs”), essays are named and organized by the writer’s LAST NAME first (e.g., Lisette’s essay is listed as “RojasL_E1”).

This assignment will be the last of our Essay 1 workshopping, as we change gears to focus specifically on strategies for developing your Essay 2 and workshopping the drafts of this later essay that many of you have begun to produce.

Of course, please do continue revising your Essay 1s using the feedback you receive on the blog.  You can give me your revised, “final” draft of Essay 1 at any time between now and the end of the semester.

See some of you on Zoom on Wednesday 😉



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