UPDATE: Hi everyone,

Just wanted to clarify that we will NOT meet today on Zoom in honor of the CUNY-wide “re-calibration period.”
For Sunday, please catch up on any assignments you have not yet done–including a draft of your Essay 2 (please e-mail this to me as a DOC, Google Doc, or PDF).
Hope y’all staying well,


As most of you are likely aware, CUNY is officially on “Pause” until late next week.  As such, the assignment posted that is coming due tomorrow (Sun 3/29) does not need to be completed by then.  Also, we will not meet via Zoom this coming Wednesday in observance of the call for us to stop and “re-calibrate.”  I’ve mentioned this repeatedly, but will emphasize once more that in the interest of keeping everyone as up-to-date with work for this class as possible, I am encouraging you to use this time to catch up on any blog assignments you’ve missed to date.  NOTE: I will give you credit for any blog work you complete, even if it’s late; just e-mail me to let me know what you’ve completed so that I can mark the assignment as “completed” in my gradebook.

Will check in with you all here and via e-mail when the “Pause” is over next weekend…

Stay well.


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