James was called to the directors office of the Orphanage. He sees Miss D. and two unknown individuals. Mr. and Mrs. Wolves were well off and was looking for a new son to replace their son that died last year from a chronic illness. James was so excited. He ran back to his room. He started to pack his items. James hurriedly ran downstairs and jumped into the car. The car pulled up to the entrance of his new home. James looked at the manor in awe. Mr. Wolf placed his hand on James shoulder. James turned to face Mr. Wolf. He had a slight grin on his face. But, James didn’t pay attention. He was too excited to live in this new place. James and Mr. Wolf got out of the car and started walking towards the main doors. Along the way he hears a scream. James turn his head abruptly to the cabin. Mr. Wolf pulled James closer and redirected his attention to the main doors. They walked inside and was greeted by the main butler. “Welcome to the Wolves Manor” he says as the main doors closed abruptly.

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