The work environment at Calling All Graphics is super casual since it’s inside Marla’s home. On the first day, I dressed work casual but as days passed by I decided to wear simple casual but not my “nerdy pattern” clothes. Occasionally, Marla would spot my interesting bag accessories and we would chat about what series it was from since her daughter is around the same age I am. My work station is just a desk with a PC monitor. Occasionally, I’ll have a surprising partner jump up on my desk, Coco the cat. She’s super friendly and wants to be petted. That’s when I have a mini 3 minute break but, sometimes she overstays sitting on the keyboard and her butt in my face, haha. I got smacked in the face a few times by her tail and minimum of 4 times a day, Marla would have to say “Coco! Get Down!” My usual hours are 9-9:30- 1:30 because Marla sometimes have to be in the city for work. For days that she doesn’t have to I try to ask if I can extend the hours so I can accumulate hours faster since I started a bit late.