I applied to CityTech’s AIR department here for an internship. Few hours after, I received an email from Johnathan to see if I can come in for an interview next day. To prep, I decided to re-stylize my resume and sign up and use Adobe Portfolio to showcase my work. Also, printed multiple copies of resume. The day of the interview, I was greeted by Johnathan and then introduced to Yimi who would eventually be my supervisor if I got the job. The interview went smooth, she informed me what the department does, what interns would need to do, and then looked at my portfolio. She liked what she saw and asked for my available schedule. Also, Yimi saw that since I was lacking real work experience, she suggested I put some of my projects in my resume and describe them.   Before I left, She told me Dr. Tammie Cummings would decide the 2 interns by Friday.

The same day, I received an update email from “Calling All Graphics” requesting an interview for Thursday. But, since I was out of the city that day I requested Friday instead. Little did I know, when I went in on Thursday that I already been hired. I didn’t question anything and just started my first day there.

During my first day, I did get a text from “Cadence Design Company” asking if it was me. I wasn’t able to respond, but I felt like I missed out on an opportunity. But, I was grateful that I was able to get an internship this late in the month.