This week, I decided to make use of this platform for my e-portfolio and uploaded some of my best work instead of just sending a PDF portfolio. I also created a profile on, which allowed me to sign up for many other job recruitment sites such as trendingjobs, livecareer, jobsforme, startwire, snagajobs, nexxt, etc. Every day I’ve been bombarded with job email information that matches to my profile, skills, and requirements. This helped me apply to more jobs I couldn’t find via searching┬áspecific terms on google. I love the most. It makes applying for the job SO easy. I just attach my resume and link to my profile, fill out necessary information about me, skills, etc. Also, when I write a cover letter to a job application, it saves and copies my previous cover letter when I try to apply to a new one so I can easily tweak it for a different company. I also decided to email some companies CUNY alumni worked with before to see if they had any internships, i.e WhiteBoard Animation Studio, Calling All Graphics, Lemonade, Gloss Studio, etc.

Currently it’s week 3 but in reality, its week 4 of the semester and I am getting worried and anxious since I haven’t gotten any emails back from my applications.