After the first week of Internship on August 27th, 2017, I decided to contact my old professors and friends who are working in this industry. My previous 2D animation professors, responded back fairly quickly but with no information about open positions. One of my good friends, who works at Nick Jr. as a producer for mobile games, recommended me many companies who she worked/partnered with. Some of the companies she recommended didn’t have any internship positions available, but I still contacted them in regards of considering having me as a Fall 2017 intern.

I decided to google “animation fall 2017 internships” to see any available job positions. There were only 2 positions available so I knew that companies didn’t use this term for recruiting. I asked my friend what would be the best term to search for and she said, ” Use Creative Services, Motion Graphics, or VFX” Sure enough, she was right. More internships were showing up and I decided to apply to some.

At that time, I didn’t have my portfolio all ready and set up. My best work were all still in different folders and needed to be gathered into a PDF to be sent to job recruiters. I decided to create 2 different portfolios since I am an animation student. I made a demo reel just for animation/motion graphic interns and a separate PDF portfolio for graphic design internships with a mix of 1-2 videos in there to show I can do video editing.

During the process of researching and applying, I updated my skills, knowledge, and experience in my resume. Also, I made 1 sample cover letter to be sent to job recruiters. Depending on the internship, I would change the cover letter to refer to the position better.