One of clients I’ve created work for was The Mill. They are a restaurant in upper Manhattan with locations at 5th Avenue and Lexington. They wanted CAG to create and change lots of stuff for them because of the new minimum wage that was going to be in effect soon. They wanted price changes for their menu, new menu boards, door to door mailing cards, couple of easel boards for their locations outside, ID cards for their foods, and etc.

Marla let me have creative freedom for the mailing cards and easel boards. The rest, the client wanted a specific look. Since I am the only intern under Marla, I work with just her. Often times Evan, who we talk with via email & phone, wants changes but it isn’t sometime Marla and I like, but it’s what he wants. We would have to try to persuade him that it would look bad. For example, for one of the easel boards, Evan wanted the description to say “1 Dollar for every…. ” but Marla and I both agreed that $1.00 looked better then 1 Dollar written out.