The president and CEO of Calling all Graphics is Marla Gotay. She is an independent and self-taught Graphic Designer. My role at Calling All Graphics is to assist Marla with her work. I came across this company when I was going through the CUNY Internship Company List on open lab. I started emailing to various companies that CUNY students worked with before. Marla got back to me very quick and asked about my location since she’s based in Brooklyn, NY. She requested more layout portfolio work because her company is more Graphic Design and I’m majoring in Animation. Next day, she emailed me back saying “Can you come in on Thursday? What days are you available?” I couldn’t go in Thursday so I rescheduled to Friday that week. I thought it was an interview so I dressed work casual. However, it seems I was already hired and that Friday was Day 1 of work. I didn’t question it and was happy. Marla introduced me to her little work area, which is in a room inside her house, walked me down her company history, previous client work, etc.