New York Comic Con is a yearly 4 day event at Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan. It’s located at 655 W 34th St, New York, NY 10001. It first started in 2006 and then started combined with New York Anime Festival in 2010. NYCC is a convention dedicated to comics, graphic novels, anime, manga, video games, toys, movies, and television.

For my first networking event, I decided to go to New York Comic Con on Thursday the 5th. It was the only day available, since all other ticket days were sold out really early. Thursday tickets were $45 total including tax.



I stopped going to NYCC since 2013 since they started cutting out NYAF events and started going corporate. But, these recent years I’ve been seeing improvement in special artists and guests pertaining to what NYAF used to offer.

This year I made sure to attend the meet and greet with Simone Legno. Simone Legno is the creative director and co-counder for Tokidoki. His inpiration for Tokidoki is from Japan. In Japanese, tokidoki means “sometimes” and always had a huge love for the culture. He says “everyone waits for moments that change one’s destiny, by chance or by meeting a new person”.

(insert meet and greet event)

It was a short moment to speak with him, but I got to share some of my art with him and he even gave me some advice on how to improve.

In the Artist Alley, I also got to meet a few of my favorite online artists I follow on Instagram and Tumbler; such as kirakiradoodles (instagram) , storyofthedoor (instagram), and wavechan (tumblr). I love their artwork and their style speaks to me.

  1. Kirakiradoodles is based on the west coast of USA, so it was her first time in New York as well as NYCC. I was super excited to meet her and we spent a good 20 minutes talking about our love for doodle type of illutrations and animations.
  2. Storyofthedoor is an amazing watercolor artist and makes some of my favorite fan art of Studio Ghibli. I’ve met her a few times before at other conventions such as AnimeBoston, Otakon, and AnimeNext. She is so sweet and I was able to ask her professional advice on how she creates her artwork.
  3. Wavechan is a professional artist that draws DeadPool in the comics. I love her crossover fanarts especially Disney TsumTsums x Pokemon and her Cats x (Any Series). I was surprised she remembered me since I saw her last year also at NYCC. I guess I made a impression on her because I bought many of her artwork.

Only thing I regret was not being able to take pictures with them because their booth was super popular and flooded with fans just like me. But, I was able to support them by buying some of their newest artwork. Also, I wish I could’ve made it to the late night panel on the talk of “Career in Animation”. Each panelist in that was an SVA Alumni that is working at big corporations such Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network.