Updated Grading Policy

Lateness has become an issue this semester, so I’m updating our grading policy to address the problem.  Effective March 9, anyone who arrives more than 5 minutes late to class on the day an assignment is due will incur a ten point penalty on the work they turn in.  Further, if reporting back to class on time following our mid-class break proves to be an issue, we will no longer take this break.  Please let me know if you have any questions about our updated policy (copied below):


Ten points (which is the loss of a letter grade) will be deducted if you are more than five minutes late to class on the day an assignment is due.   No late work will be accepted.  If circumstances prevent you from being in class on the day an assignment is due, please contact or speak with me before the assignment is due so that we can strategize together.  Below please find a breakdown of how various components of our coursework will contribute to your final grade:

  • unit 1 homework: 5%
  • response papers: 50%
  • unit 5 research paper: 15%
  • unit 6 portfolio: 10%
  • classroom participation: 10%
  • final exam: 10%

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