Professor Kate Poirier | D772 | Spring 2023

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My Week in MAT 2680

From the first day I arrived, I made a schedule. I first made a calendar that I see every morning at least two months in advance. After that, I go on the City Tech academic calendar for Spring 2023, where I put down all the days I am free, holidays, and more. I collect all the syllabus and schedules from each class and add anything that is important to the calendar. On the side of my desk, I have a weekly assignment notepad that I have to check and finish and bookmark all the important websites. The moment I open up my google chrome browser, the top first row in the bookmark area is fast to click on the class websites, and I always remind myself I have to check them.

So far, what I made was a routine that was in front of me and a reminder. Every day, the moment I wake up, life around me reminds me to finish everything now and not later. Why now? That way, I have more freedom to study, work and go back to any other assignments to double-check. So far, every Webwork has been spot on 100% and on time.

As for projects and studying for exams, communication and coordination is essential. We, as humans, also need a reminder to everyone in the class a message, which is not to give up. Tell each other that we can do it or not to have small things like a test grade drag the rest down with you. People tend to slowly give up because they start feeling despair, saying, “What is the point?” I have famous quotes on my wall that might sound silly or others will think it is weird, but one example is ” Just because you tripped, doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world” Motivation!

The last thing I started working on, was looking at other people’s webwork and started working on it as if it was my HW. Now that I know how the first test feels or looks like, I have a better view of what to suspect, how to counter it, and what I need to go over and study. When I help others, I am helping myself too. Youtube tutorials, the book in our class, and going over the notes have been helping me better understand things two days before an exam. Studying a week before the test, I tend to forget. These are my methods to accomplish my daily routine classes every semester and so far have helped me keep good grades, I hope this helps you too!

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