Professor Kate Poirier | D772 | Spring 2023

Test #1 & two review assignments

Test #1

February 23

Test #1 will be given in class on Thursday, February 23. It covers material from Chapter 2.

Test #1 Review Assignment #1

Due on the OpenLab Monday, February 20, 11:59pm

Choose one question from the textbook homework or from WeBWorK. Post your full solution on the OpenLab. Title your post Test #1 Review and add the section or WeBWorK set name and problem number. Add the category Test #1 Review before submitting your post. You may type out the solution using LaTeX or upload a photo of hand-written work.

Make sure nobody has submitted your problem already; try to make sure every section that will be on Test #1 is represented.

It is up to you as a class to ensure that all solutions are correct. If you have a question about someone else’s post, if you would like more detail, or if you think the solution contains an error, post a comment asking the question or correcting the error.

The idea here is that you as a class are creating a review sheet for everyone to study from for the first test. You will be given participation credit for this post.

Test #1 Review Assignment #2

Due on the OpenLab Monday, February 20, 11:59pm

Animated gif of Lisa Simpson handing Nelson some papers. He's saying, "I don't wanna cheat," and she's saying, "Hey, hey. These are study aids."

You may bring a formula/reference sheet to use during the test. Your sheet must fit on one side of one letter-sized piece of paper and must be hand written by you. You will hand your formula sheet in with your test.

For this assignment, upload a photo of your formula sheet to post on the OpenLab. Title your post Test #1 Formulas and select the category Test #1 Formulas before publishing your post.

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