Professor Kate Poirier | D772 | Spring 2023

OpenLab assignment: Your favorite applications of differential equations

Due Monday, January 30, 11:59pm

Your Week 0 checklist asks you to read the first few sections of your text. Section 1.1 outlines a few applications where differential equations are used. Comment on this post below and say which application(s) you are most interested in.

You may choose an application that is discussed in Section 1.1 or you may choose an application of your own. At this point, you do not even need to know whether differential equations actually apply to the particular topic you are interested in; you may comment something like, “I am interested to know if differential equations can be used to study [a topic you like].”

Your comment can be as detailed or as brief as you like. Note: if this is your first comment on our OpenLab site, it will not appear right away; your comment will appear after it’s approved by the site administrator.


  1. Danny Mizhquiri

    After reading section 1.1 outline, I would like to learn about segment rate of Population Growth and Decay as there are various of way to calculated the rate such as the limitations of the Malthusian model.

  2. kevin

    After reading section 1.1 outline, I would like to know more about the Newtons Law of cooling. I never heard about that. I would like to also learn about about the population growth and decay. I would like to see how this class talks about that compared to other math classes or if its the same.

  3. Ken Mei

    After reading the outline and looking at the applications that were introduced in section 1.1, I would like to know more about Newton’s Law of cooling.

  4. JTruong27

    After reading the first section, I came across the Interacting Species: Competition portion and it suddenly piqued my interest suddenly because it made me think of invasive species and their impact on environments everywhere on the planet. While I don’t necessarily get the correlation between the two, I think it’s a bit intriguing .

  5. Ameer Shadick

    Upon reading Section 1.1, I was very intrigued by the information provided about the glucose consumption by the body. Stating that the amount of glucose absorbed is proportional to the glucose that is with our bloodstream.

  6. Javier Bonilla

    After reading section 1.1, I’m interested in newton’s law of cooling and whether it can be applied to other objects.

  7. Jocelyn Nacimba

    After reading section 1.1, I would like to know more about the population growth and decay. Also, I became interested in how differential equations are used in the application of the spread of epidemics.

  8. Jose Rodrig

    The one application of Differential Equations that I find interesting is determining the rate at which objects fall. I find this interesting because It involves predicting the course of flying objects.

  9. Luijen Payano

    After reading section 1.1, i am interested in Interacting Species: Competition, and how it works with differential equations, as it sounds vaguely familiar to videos I’ve watched in the past and it may give me greater context and understanding.

  10. Rickylin

    After reading section 1.1, I am interested to know if differential equations can be used to study Newton’s Law of cooling.

  11. Rubab Tariq

    After reading the 1.1 section outline I came across the new law of newton which I never heard of. it was not new but for me it was new. I’m excited to learn more about how newton’s law of cooling can be used in daily life.

  12. Maharin Khondoker

    After reading section 1.1 outline, I would like to know more about the Newtons Law of cooling. It looks very interesting for me.

  13. charlie

    After reading section 1.1 of the text I was intrigued by the topic Spread of Epidemics as we are still going through a pandemic ourselves. It is surprising to see that differential equations can be used to calculate something like this.

  14. John Villalona

    After reading some section 1.1 outline , the application i would learn more about is by Newton’s law of cooling . Honestly i didn’t know he came out with a formula or law for cooing. Because for me Newton’s is mostly talked about his 3 laws of motions. It is cool that has more contributions to field of math and sciences/physics. 

  15. Oscar

    After reading Section 1.1 of the textbook, what caught my attention was Newton’s Law of Coding since I’ve heard of it but never got to actually learn it.

  16. Opemipo Odugbemi

     Rate of Population Growth and Decay is an interesting Topic for me after going through section 1.1. Am really interested in ways it applies to our daily life.

  17. Atta Tariq

    After reading it, I want to learn more about Newtons Second law of motion as we already studied in physics but I am excited would it be different through maths prospective.

  18. Anushan Thavasundaram

    After reading the section 1.1 outline, I would like to know more about Newton’s Law of cooling. I never heard about that, but now I’m curious to learn about it

  19. Damian Kyle Brathwaite

    After I completed reading section 1.1, I was interested specifically to know how differential equations can be applied in the development of electronics, devices, and computers. I can guess that it can be used for the planning stages such as designing a device but the question is how do they do it ?

  20. benyusufov

    When reading section 1.1 i am interested in newtons law of cooling and how it can be applied to differential equations

  21. Juan Giraldo

    After reading section 1.1, Newton’s Second Law of Motion really caught my attention because it sounds really interesting . I say this because Newton has been a very well known historical figure for what he accomplished, and I would like to know a bit more about this law.

  22. Shadman

    So, none of the applications really stuck out to me, but if I had to pick one it’d prolly be either Newtons Cooling or Newtons second law of motion. I just took physics 1 calc based last semester, so I am, for the most part familiar with it Newtons second law in a calculus way. Cooling seems pretty useful and fun to play around with.

  23. Javier Garcia

    I wasn’t here for that week and missed classes. Unfortunately, I can’t say much, but none are my favorite. I understand why it’s essential for an engineer like me in the electrical field. Even the mentioning of the class Differential equitation in the movie Wakanda Forever makes me think that this won’t be an easy one or a smooth ride. I should have started with Intro to linear algebra but there was no more room. If I have to pick the two types ODE and PDE instead of the orders.

  24. Kunal Surujprasad

    One application that stuck out to me in chapter 1.1 is the Newton Law of cooling as I’m trying to become an engineer so I can see how/have an idea of how it might be useful to me in the future.

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