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Eduardo Cortes M- Pictures Storys

Ambiguous Image

The Apocalypse painting

This picture was first taken near 14 street, where this an old abandoned firebox that people use to call the fire department just in case there was any fire nearby, but this box has been abandoned and as you can tell destroyed by scraps off stickers being placed on it, as well as the paint falling off.

The backstory of this photo is that the earth has been destroyed by other countries by bombing and nuking everywhere in the state and every country because; the people had enough with every policy in the country so in act to control the people all the states agreed to start over by bombing everywhere. Which they did, but haven’t anticipated how many they would save, and it was too late for the government and president for each state to do something. One by one the town and country starts blowing up, with the people unknowing of the occurrence being destroyed with theirs towns. However; not all was lost some people did survive by hiding in underground bunkers but almost all their loved ones were destroyed. Now that time has passed throughout the broken earth some people start realizing a painting that was freshly made almost everywhere the people went. Which was the painting of a misshapen human with a big leg and a small body walking around the rubble of houses and cities, and after a while the people around the world started theorizing who he or she was? Was he/ she a person who survived but slowly started mutating because of the radiation that all the nukes and bombs they were near too. Or was it because he/she grew mad about having no one to talk to so they started to paint to keep their insanity around the world hoping to find someone. Whichever the case is it kept people safe in a way that there are more survivors who have also survived the nukes and bombs that were set off, by different governments.


This image is called “The last,” this image was taken in Brooklyn near City Tech, and its a picture of a cap of a glue bottle that was left or dropped in the street of the crosswalk road.

The Story of this picture started with a boy named Roy where he was an average Freshmen in high school until a certain Monday came where he realized there were less and fewer people in his high school and on the streets, which for an average person wouldn’t mind, but reports on the news lately started popping up that people were mysteriously despairing out of nowhere. He soon started to get nervous until one day he came to his first-period class he realized he was the only one in his class, but not only that he looked outside he saw no one that he could see he then started to wonder and freaking out. So in a desperate act, he ran home to see what has become to his family, but he soon found out when he started to run his booke back started to float up. But not only that he was starting to fly up as well he finally knows what happened the gravitational atmosphere of the earth finally broke because of people’s pollution causing our atmosphere to float when we least expect it. But by the time Roy found out he was floating away, and a few days later after Roy flew up his book bag fell back on the floor where he floated and his school supplies fell where a bottle of glue cap fell out and landed in the streets.