Ecquase Onaghise Brooklyn Museum “Basquiat: The Unknown Notebooks”

I chose Basquiat: The Unknown Notebook because it went well with our selfiemotion project. Great deal of contrast , a focal point , andΒ  Digital imaging. Tho it lacks motion like the use of gray scale and and compositional flow makes up for it.

For this work Basquiat produced twenty-eight original drawings and mounted them on canvas in a gridlike arrangement. Layering text and image in a manner reminiscent of graffiti and the free association of his encyclopedic notebook subjects, he created the effect of book pages laid out in sequence. Visible through an abstractly rendered head of an African American male, these language-rich drawings combine scientific diagrams, pictographic notations, bits of world history, and enigmatic references such as THE OBSERVATORY FROM THE JAMES DEAN MOVIE and GORILLA TELEPATHY.

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