Pattern and Texture Ecquase Onaghise

Hey Guys so pretty much with both images i wanted to display a connection with time and life, with images given to me. So with image dealing with pattern , it gave me a Fossil or maybe DNA vibe  .Both words dealing with time “DNA(Right Image) helps understand our human makeup before and after us. The Fossil (Left Image) helps understand the makeup of earth before our time. They both go hand in being forms of Biology. So with text design i included words representing this.

With second Image i big on narrative so what i was and again wanted to stress the connection of time and life . I saw something so desolate that i wanted to envision it from the past. The desert being the future and the Past being the image with life budding . So with Text image i tried to show the things needed to bring forth this life or Past to the future lol



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