Steph Balloqui – final images (step four: deliver)

Hello guys, gals, and gender rebel pals! Here’s the final images, inked and scanned!



One problem I quickly encountered while inking my images was that being left handed, as well as never working with ink before, made it a really difficult process- but I managed! To get the exact shape of the image, I cut out my original sketch and used it as a stencil.



This one was my favorite to do, as I found myself having more space and room to be creative and freestyle the work while also getting the original wood pattern to come out. This piece also reminds me a little bit of the album cover to Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures with the usage of only black and white with heavy line/shape work.

1 thought on “Steph Balloqui – final images (step four: deliver)

  1. Israel Martinez

    I really liked how the transfer went from the actual pictures to the inked worked everything goes hand to hand and the the tidiness of the whole thing worked out perfectly. There was no spots in the artwork that I saw that were messy and it makes everything look better that way.


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