Story Behind the Pictures Israel Martinez


This is a picture number 1 of the Lost and Found Project

The story behind this is that two major lands are fighting to get all the keys to unlock the vault. This vault contains much military power that can change the war, both sides have all, but two of the keys to unlock the vault this is one of the doors that opens the vault and with the key you must try and complete the puzzle to continue. When the key is put in the all three turn and lead to the puzzle room which nobody has ever got into. Lets hope the rumors are real and we are able to unlock vault and win this war for my land.



This is picture number 2 of the Lost and Found Project

This picture represents the two lands that are fighting in the war. Both lands fighting against each other to control all the land. The leaders putting both lands in hard times just for power they conquered other lands took people hostage and destroyed villages just to grow in strength. The people of both lands want this war to stop and be united peacefully, but the leaders both just want as much power as possible.


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