Research Career Path

So what I did for my research career was that I looked up into Medical assistant profile. I wanted to put the idea of Nutrition aside for now and also when I was looking up the profile for Medical Assistance it was quite interesting and I wanted to talk about it.

According to the Medical assistant profile it states and I quote that “theyĀ combine personal communication and office skills with some clinical skills to serve as support staff for doctors and nurses. When working in an office setting, they may call in prescriptions, correspond with insurance companies, and file patient charts. Now that many medical facilities are transitioning to electronic filing systems, medical assistants may also do the manual work to convert paper files to electronic format.” In my own ways I believe that they do not only provide services but also patient care.

“When working in a clinical setting, medical assistants often serve as intake professionals. This may include recording the patientā€™s weight, height, and blood pressure readings, or taking a detailed medical history and asking for the reason the patient is visiting. Some medical assistants obtain additional training, so they qualify for other tasks, including collecting mouth swabs, administering urine tests, and drawing blood. Each state establishes their own guidelines on which tasks medical assistants can perform with and without certification.”Ā Ā  Ā These are all the benefits and or things that they are required of them to do which is pretty much amazing. I think that after this research if there is a chance where by I have to make a final decision about my career I will definitely start a training for medical assistant and proceed from there.


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