Mission and Goals

Committee Name 

Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) Committee


Sponsored by the Office of the Provost


The Hispanic-Serving Institution Committee seeks to develop our HSI identity and culture at City Tech and to thereby promote the success of Hispanic/Latinx students, faculty, and staff. The committee also seeks to collaborate with the institution to engage in grant efforts and advocacy related to the support of HSI funding.


The HSI Committee will work to report on the status and recommend/promote action on the following:

    1. Recruitment, enrollment, and persistence of Hispanic/Latinx students.
    2. Development of curriculum and academic initiatives relevant to Hispanic/Latinx students.
    3. Implementation of student support services to address the needs of Hispanic/Latinx students.
    4. Fostering community and a sense of belonging for Hispanic/Latinx faculty, students, and staff.

Steering Committee Membership

All committee members should be interested in actively promoting the mission and goals of the HSI committee. Membership is open to City Tech administrators, faculty, staff, and students.

The structure of the steering committee will be as follows:

    1. The steering committee will ideally consist of a minimum of eight members: at least four (4) faculty, one (1) administrator, one (1) student, and one (1) representative from Student Affairs.  There should be representation from each of the three schools.
    2. The steering committee shall include a chairperson and secretary and shall be elected by the committee for a three-year term.
    3. Steering committee members will be appointed for a three-year term. Student members will serve a minimum of one year.