Hot nails, lunch pails, energy

In the Brooklyn Navy Yard, under the narrow shadow of a wide cargo ship, in all types of conditions, a couple dozen stalwart builders and architects of Team DURA are constructing a net zero solar house. (Can’t wait till the A.C. gets hooked up.) Hard work, focus, screw guns and planning are evident in the progress they have made this last month.         Go see it.  See their facebook page: Team DURA Solar Decathlon.

A few of the DURA members are in the Hospitality dept and they (along with Garden Club members) are the driving force behind the latest lunch that was delivered to the construction crew today: beef and bean burritos; melon & fruit salad; sage, garlic and kale pasta; iced tea; cookies. Enjoyed in that narrow band of shade btw the house and the river.

Kudos to Felipe, Maen, Dah-wei, Caroline, Brianna, Maggie, & Prof Jaccus. They are an interesting cadre of interdisciplinary students (& faculty) who manage to carve out the time to support this phenomenal Solar Decathlon team.  All players get a shot of energy in the collaborative process.

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