Mid term Quiz

The first day of spring is tomorrow and it might snow; stay inside and take this quiz for extra credit.

1. How many gardeners can you fit in a green house?

a) It depend on how many flats of micro-greens there are in the greenhouse                 b) 15, but they must be well acquainted                                                                                   c) Dah-wei, Caroline, Lawrence, Amanda, Jimmy, Tammy, Claudia, Jacquie, Al

2. Who was the head farmer, main man, manager who showed students how to plant?

a) Mr. GreenJeans;  b) Matt Jefferson; c) Thomas Jefferson

3. Arrange these garden creatures from oldest to youngest:

a) dinosaurs;  b) Micro greens;   c). Prof Hellermann;  d) pepper

4. What famous person said “Tho an olde man, I am but a young gardener”   ?

a) Mel Brooks;   b) T Jefferson; c) B Franklin;   d) Jay Z

5. When will these seeds germinate, need to be re-potted, be ready to plant outside?

a) before you know it, 4  weeks,  late spring   b) sooner than you think, after heck freezes over, when the chickens come home to roost

ANSWERS:  1,c   2,b  (or not to be)   3, c    4, b     5, c


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