Greens That’ll Survive the Winter

Prepping our garden beds for the Winter has officially begun!

We planted some mustard green seeds alongside our kales because both will do well during the winter believe it or not… seriously, talk about some superfood I mean c’mon!

Our salad greens have really bursted out from the last time Jimmy & Tammy planted their seeds…

There’s still some more yummy basil, cherry tomatoes, and ground cherries left for the picking…

Herbs like parsley, rosemary, and thyme are growing nicely for the coming Thanksgiving holiday…

**Next week there’s no meeting but we’ll keep you posted on our next scheduled meet-up b/c there’s a lot in the works on the horizon…

Thank you Michelle, Maen, Tammy, Dani, & Jimmy for all of your work maintaining the garden today- it really looks spectacular! Thank you always professor Hellerman for dropping the knowledge down on us on the horticultural aspect! Thank you Matt of

Caroline, Maen, Tammy, Dani, & Jimmy

Caroline, Maen, Tammy, Dani, & Jimmy

Brooklyn Grange for sharing your tools with us & congratulations on the birth of your baby girl!

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