September Song

Ironically (or not) the Garden Club has been invigorated w/ a shot of new energy from newly elected President Shellita Orie.  A busy nursing student, Shellita has been caring for the garden this last 12 months. Along with fellow officers Matt Fass & Erica Press, she has been signing up new members, picking flowers, and representing the garden at the Club Fair. And Dah Wai C. gets the ‘Golden Tomato Award’ for sustained effort amidst overwhelming homework and sprawling tomato plants!

It is a mixed basket of produce and people at the Garden this month. As the days dwindle down to a prescious few, we have been picking great bunches of flowers for the dining room at City Tech along with tomatoes, collards, chard, herbs & tiny hot peppers. Get over there and take a final look at the whole spread because in a few weeks it will be coming down.

The search continues for a new garden site. Some of the ideas are a roof top on Flatbush near Juniors, a shady corner on City Tech campus and some public park space nearby. Send your ideas to  (we don’t have time for any waiting game)

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